Other Quad Resources

  • Don Buchla. He was making quad synths before there was a quad listening format.
  • Suzanne Ciani is the true Diva of the Diode… most specifically in quad. Listen to everything she does and you will learn a lot. She is my #1 inspiration for all kinds of reasons.
  • Morton Subotnick. SO much to learn from him as well. I love the way his brain works.
  • If you can afford to master, it I suggest using QUARK to get your mix dialed then do the actual encoding with a mastering engineer. It’s worth it. They should both master your 4-channel master then take another light pass on your 2-channel QUARK encoded master. It really helps. At the very beginning of the process my friend Mr. Bonzai set up a meeting for me with the legendary Bernie Grundman who actually mastered the old quad records in the 70s. He gave me incredible advice and reconnected me with Scott Sedillo and Beno May who worked very closely with me to make the first quad vinyl in 30 years. They also happen to be amazing teachers of mine 15 year previous to this project. Amazing people, I would highly suggest working with them. If any of you mastering engineers out there want to offer a quad mastering service too, I’m happy to help. Hit me up.
  • The Quadraphonic Quad forum is excellent resource. Tons of incredible people who have been listening and working in quad for decades. I met “Quad” Bob Herndon and Odaka Shuichi through this forum. Bob is a one of the largest collectors of all things quad who even introduced me to the Involve Audio folks as well as and Odaka-san who has custom built quad encoding hardware that he used to help me when I was making LIVE Quadraphonic.
  • The entire team at Involve Audio team were crucial collaborators on LIVE Quadraphonic. They send over some demo encode and decode hardware that I used for much of the creation of the record. We made a custom hardware decoder together for the LIVE Quadraphonic release. They also make what I dare say is the best quad hardware decoder in existence.
  • Stereo Lab software by Richard Brice is excellent for decoding spatial audio music into discrete tracks. It does all kinds of other amazing tricks too. Richard very kindly helped me years ago as I was doing research.
  • Surround Discography is an excellent resource to research quad music. This person is a saint for maintaining this list.
  • Vance Galloway and Naut Humon have been working in spacial sound for years and they make these incredible dome experiences. Vance was also the recording engineer for LIVE Quadraphonic. If you have a chance to go to their events, meet them or work with them, please do. They will blow your mind.
  • This guy has did very good quad tutorial just after we release LIVE Quadraphonic; mostly focused on quadraphonic performance and very much worth watching.

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