QUARK isn’t working on my M1 Mac. Help!

We are working on a new version compatible with the M1 processor however for now there is a work around by opening your application in Rosetta Mode. Follow these instructions on how to install Rosetta and set your DAW to open in Rosetta.

How can I listen in quad?

In addition to vintage and modern (by Involve Audio or Dolby) hardware decoders, you can listen to these songs in quad using the “decode” function of QUARK by routing the audio from your playback browsers through your DAW using an application like Loopback or BlackHole. A couple of people on the Quadraphonic Quad forum used JUCE and BlackHole to build a… Continue reading How can I listen in quad?

Quad with Three Speakers?

I got a thoughtful email from Kirk Bayne who is a member of the Quadraphonic Quad community. Kirk pointed out that with a standard stereo amplifier and 3 passive speakers, you can decode our flavor of “quad” to surprisingly good results. Of course, this is not as accurate as using QUARK or proper hardware decoders… Continue reading Quad with Three Speakers?

Other Quad Resources

Don Buchla. He was making quad synths before there was a quad listening format. Suzanne Ciani is the true Diva of the Diode… most specifically in quad. Listen to everything she does and you will learn a lot. She is my #1 inspiration for all kinds of reasons. Morton Subotnick. SO much to learn from… Continue reading Other Quad Resources

Ableton Live doesn’t see QUARK.

First make sure that you’re using Ableton Live version 10 or newer. Past versions don’t support multi-channel audio. Next, you may need to turn on “Use Audio Units” in the “Plug-ins” section of the Ableton Live preferences. It usually is not turned on by default… and though we have a VST3 version of QUARK, Ableton… Continue reading Ableton Live doesn’t see QUARK.

Mono compatibility?

Like any mix, testing your QUARK encoded mix in mono is important. Though many folks listen in headphones these days, there are a lot of mono smart speakers like the amazon echo out there to consider. Listeners through these devices will have no issue hearing your music but it is important to test your mix… Continue reading Mono compatibility?

More Questions?

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Why this format?

The QUARK software plugin is used in Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and similar platforms to encode four channels of discrete audio into two channels (standard stereo) audio then back four channels again, allowing the distribution of four-channel spatial recordings via widely accessible two-channel formats such as vinyl, radio, streaming video such as YouTube and music… Continue reading Why this format?